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We created Tofu to support the self-employed. When you start doing something you truly enjoy, the stress of managing it can derail your efforts. Tofu allows you to simplify the routine so you spend less time running your business and more time doing the things you enjoy.

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Tofu took all the hassle and stress out of running my business

by Mike, car mechanic

Mike was delighted to find that Tofu took the hassle and stress out of managing his business, and he was able to free up more time in his day.

I started out as a sole proprietor, with no help and became overwhelmed with the amount of time I had to spend managing my business. It was so difficult to keep up with invoicing, expenses, and tax write-offs, and my customers were becoming frustrated due to the lateness of their bills. was desperate for a solution to help me operate the business more efficiently. That was when I found Tofu, a revolutionary app that helped me easily manage my business.

With Tofu, I was able to create invoices quickly, track expenses and prepare tax write-offs. This saved me a lot of time and energy and gave me an opportunity to focus more on my customers and their needs.

Now Mike run’s running a successful business and can’t thank Tofu enough. He’s happy, his customers are satisfied and his business is thriving. He has more time to spend with his family, more money in his pocket, and a much better work-life balance. He recommends Tofu to all the small business owners that he knows, because it has been a real lifesaver for him, and could be for them too.


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